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Silent Jets

Silent Jet Planes may be seen in our skies in weeks, as the noise problem is just solved by bolted blade patented technology which include hot turbine blade coolant oil fed to heat exchangers in fan by-pass air duct, to gain 625% mpg & 500% more thrust, of safety & commercial benefits to engine builders to end noise, vibration, de-icer on  compressor bleed thrust loss fatalities & long haul unacceptable fuel bomb airliners.
Silent Jets
 using bolted blades, like electric fans are quiet & silent beyond 100 meters.

Question? Why are jet engines so noisy?

Jet engine designers don’t  yet  know.
96% of jet engine noise is metal blade rattle

of dove-tails & fir-trees 5mm loose in disc slots.

Loud “Dang Dang” fan blade rattling noise with just finger rotation
Dove-tails & fir-trees need slide-in 5mm loose  clearance to assemble & dissemble.
5mm loose slide-in joints rattle with excessive intolerable noise & vibration.

List of fatalities caused by dove-tail/fir-tree slot noise, vibration & thrust/mpg loss.
Noise in low noise zones leads to throttle down stall fatalities.
Vibration leads to rotor disc bursts & blade-off fatalities.
Lengthy vibration leads to multi hull fatigue crack Lockerbie mid air break-up fatalities.
There is no evidence of a Lockerbie bomb – please visit  www.lockerbie-no-bomb.info
Dove-tail & fir-tree slots are fissures in disc waiting for imminent burst fatalities.
De-icer bleeds (not pilot suicide) causes jam packed Budget Plane stall fatalities.
Air cooling turbine blades
reduce thrust  by 70% plus bleed stalls & fuel dump fatalities. 

Currently no jet planes are safe to fly as all use slots in disc, dove-tails & fir-trees

Fatalities ended by Silent Jet Bolted Technology:
Fuel dump crashes
 – 625%mpg ensures take-off weight never exceeds landing weight.
Jam packed Budget Plane stall de-icer bleed (not pilot suicide) ends with 500% thrust
Bolts end dove-tail/fir-tree vibration hull cracks catastrophic mid-air break-ups.
end dove-tail/fir-tree rattle noise/fatal throttle down stalls in low jet noise zones
Bolts end dove-tail & fir-tree slots imminent fissures in disc awaiting a fatal burst.
sealed flange/facet ends cabin air pollution from oil & fir-tree grindings
Coolant oil 
ends 72% thrust lost air cooling turbine blades plus ash cloud fatalities.
One gram of coolant oil
does a 500% better job than 1,000 grams of cooling air.

Silent Jets bolted excellence is safer, stronger, efficient & commercially viable
Silent Jets use hot turbine blade coolant oil fed to heat exchangers in fan by-pass duct,
to gain 625% mpg 1/6th fuel tank lasts on longest trips, ends fatal fuel dump hazards, as
Take-off weight can never exceed landing weight.
Jam packed Budget
plane stalls de-icer bleed on, not pilot suicide ended by 500% thrust.

Co-operating Licensees get 1/20th cost/time production bolted mod drawings in two weeks & stronger safer silent jet engines ready for ground & flight tests in one month.

Michael is an experienced aviation designer/stress engineer from original team to design & invent vital parts of world’s fastest Lynx Helicopter. Worked on civilian & military aircraft with top design teams at Fairey Aviation, Westlands & Handley Page.
Michael holds Bolted Fan Jet Engine Patent GB2475008B – Granted in 24 weeks  &
Bolted Compressor & Turbine Jet Engine Patent GB2518715  published 1 April 2015.

Aviation Calculation Proofs of safer, stronger, efficient commercial excellence cited
Proof of 500% Thrust Gain & 625% mpg – miles per gallon efficiency gain
Data: Web RR Trent 700 – Max Thrust 72,000lbf. Turbine blades/stage – 96.
RR quotes# from 22 to 24 minutes, BBC youtube How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine.
Q1? Thrust lost air cooling turbine blades? RR Chief Design Engineer Andy Mylrea said “to air cool one hot turbine blade, the cooling system takes away the same energy that would boil a kettle in a 20th of a second”.
Electric kettle power is 1.2Kw.
Thrust energy lost to air cool one turbine blade in a sec is 20 x 1.2 = 24Kw/sec.
Thrust energy lost to air cool 96 blades/minute is 96 x 60 x 24 = 138,240Kw/min.
Thrust lost in lbf or hp to air cool 96 blades/minute is 138,240/0.746 = 185,308lbf.
Thrust gain without compressor air cooling turbine blades is 185,308lbf.
Total of thrusts without compressor bleed air cool is 185,308 + 72,000 = 257,308lbf
A1! Thrust lost by air cooling turbine blades is 185,308/257,308   or  72%

Q2? Thrust gain of hot coolant oil, fed to fan by-pass air heat exchanger – a 1st.
Estimated thrust boost by adding hot coolant to fan by-pass air is 50% to 70%.
Say 55% coolant thrust boost from oil heat is 0.55 x 185,308 = 102,000lbf
Total thrust original + gain + boost is 72,000 + 185,308 + 102,000 = 359,227lbf.
A2! Thrust gain from hot coolant oil, is 359,227/72,000 = 498.9%   or   500%.

Q3? mpg gain of hot coolant oil, fed to fan by-pass air heat exchanger.
Cruising thrust say 80% of maximum thrust is 0.8 x 72,000 = 57,600lbf
A3! mpg gain from hot coolant oil, is 360,000/57,600   or   625%. 

Q4? Proof of 1/20th cost/time of present production for bolted design. RR spend
fortunes* on experts/materials/equipment, around the clock on fir-trees/slots.
RR machinists take 32 hours to grind just one fir-tree. Trent 700 has 1920 fir-trees.
£18/hr is 18 x 32 x 1920 x 2 = £2.2M. £5M includes material, equipment & experts.
A4! With no fir-trees to grind, entire bolted blades, discs/assembly cost is £200,000.
*View from 25 to 29 minutes of above stated BBC youtube documentary.

Q5?  “Silent Jets”  Proof?
A5! Electric fans using bolted blades are as quiet as bolted blades of this invention.

Q6? How does invention end fatal fuel dump hazards?
A6! 625%mpg, 1/6th fuel lasts longest trip, take-off weight never exceed landing weight;

Q7? How does invention end Overloaded Budget Plane de-icer bleed fatal stall?
A7! 500% thrust gain is ample for de-icer & all bleed-air thrust losses!

One gram of coolant oil does a 500% better job than 1,000 grams of cooling air.
RR fan & turbine blade “best kept secrets” are their weak & costliest fatal hazards

Silent Jet safer, stronger, efficient commercial excellence – summary:
Silent Jet engine
blade roots have flanges bolted to disc facets, comprise a slot-less disc embodying multiple symmetrical peripheral facets, with the same pattern of blind threaded holes, radial bolted to an equal multiple of flat blade root flanges, with a mating pattern of radial bolt clearance holes; the hot turbine blades embody coolant oil passages with outlets connected to a coolant oil pump, coolant heat exchangers in fan by-pass air duct, de-icer bleed air duct & cabin air ducts, in that order, then from last heat exchanger outlets to coolant oil passage inlets.

Repeat of  Multiple Excellence Aviation Assets of Bolted Blades:
Silent Jets – ends noise throttle backs crashes in jet noise complaint areas.
Oil cooled turbine blades – gain 500% thrust, 625% mpg & ash cloud immunity.
Oil cooled blades can use high strength, low cost, lower temperature materials.
Sealed oil cooled blades – end cabin air pollution from oil & fir-tree grindings.
625% mpg ends fatal fuel dumps, as take-off weight can never exceed landing weight.
500% thrust ends Overloaded Budget Plane fatal stall by de-icer bleed air thrust loss.
No vibration ends hull crack catastrophic mid-air break-up Lockerbie air crashes.
Slot-less discs – ends fir-tree fissure slot disc burst fatal engine loss.
20 fold stronger bolted blades ends need for prohibitively costly blade-off tests.
1/20th cost/time present production costs – 8,000 heavy fatal fir-trees & 40 dove-tails.

Note nose cone wobbles due  (RR production secret) unbalanced fan blades. 

Dove-tails & fir-trees need 4mm slide-in gaps which give:-
Intolerable blade rattle noise & excesive vibration.
Noise has led to fatal throttle down stalls in low jet noise zones &
Vibration hull cracks caused Lockerbie type fatal mid-air break-up.
Dove-tail & fir-tree slots are imminent fissures in disc awaiting a fatal burst.
Air cooling hot turbine blades thrust lost is 72%, & prone to ash cloud blockage.
One gram of coolant oil does a 500% better job than 1,000 grams of cooling air.
A win for jet airliner/engine builders, airlines, crew, passengers & world.  

Loud dove-tail & fir-tree blade root metal tearing noise from
RR Trent 800 fan dove-tail & comp/turbine fir-tree blade roots  

Note nose cone wobbles due  RR production secret – unbalanced fan blades.

No two finished RR fan blades are exactly alike   
dove-tails need slide-in 5mm loose clearance for assembly/dissembly, even with static balance on rotation the fan blades would be unbalanced & imminent fatal blade-off.

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